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Coastal Caretakers Franchising

Today, it’s easy to lose touch. Families are often spread across hundreds of miles, making keeping in touch difficult, especially when it comes to older family members.

The challenge comes as seniors face changing needs in their lifestyle and care, resulting in adult children learning to cope with added responsibilities. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are one avenue for care, but they do not address the complex and fundamental rights to autonomy most seniors strive for.

Those interested in alternative options for senior care are increasingly turning to “Aging-in-Place,” allowing seniors to stay in their own homes, while still receiving quality and affordable care. Seniors opting to Age-in-Place can maintain healthy lifestyles and relationships with friends without giving up the advanced care needed as age advances. The benefits of Aging-in-Place include keeping seniors in their own homes and giving adult children and family peace of mind that their loved ones are well taken care of.

Coastal Caretakers Franchising programs give you the opportunity to offer these high-quality, customized service solutions for seniors and their families. The combination of Aging-in-Place and home maintenance services offered gives seniors and their love ones a better, higher-quality option not available through traditional care for seniors.





What is Aging-in-Place?

“Aging-in-Place” gives seniors the ability to stay in their own homes and communities safely, independently and comfortable, regardless of age, income, or ability level.  Most of us would prefer to Age-in-Place, remaining in our own homes as long as possible.  Studies...

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Why Us?

Our unique, first-of-its-kind franchise model offers you a better, more affordable alternative to traditional franchising. We give you the opportunity to make a difference and bring safety, security, and peace of mind to people and communities we serve, while building...

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